Who we are

When the major Norwegian company Brodrene Dahl extended its titanium wing into the Italian Titanium manufacturing system, in 1994, our company was there to contribute to set up the young company and help make its projects and dreams comes true. Opened as experimental branch office, Brodrene Dahl Italy soon take off, developing its own projects and business and fast becoming totally independent self-sufficient.

The excellent cooperation and mutual assistance with the head office in Norway gave this company some excellent support as long as it was needed, helping Brodrene Dahl to sort out and expedite several important projects that were rooted into the Italian manufacturing system.

Important scopes like Heidrun and Troll saw us in close cooperation as we followed up production, delivery and maintenance step by step, handling delicate commercial and technical matters and finally being able to see the results of our efforts, proudly standing against the skyline in the North Sea, as proof and memory of the hard and careful work achieved together.

Following the strategic decision of the head office in Oslo, the Titanium market had come to know us under different appearances: first as Brodrene Dahl Italy, and then later as teamtrade Italy, but always firmly rooted in the core of the same business.

When our mother company decided it was time for its Italian journey to come to an end, the Italian company had become a well consolidated body with experienced and trained people, able to deal with sophisticated commercial situations and to offer accurate technical assistance on complex projects and contracts.

In 2001 was time then to bid adieu to our Norwegian friends with whom we had proudly and positively journeyed. It was also time to say welcome to the new company that came to life as a natural continuation and inevitable growth of the already existing structure. BD WORLDWIDE, therefore, keeps bot hits name and its proven track record in exceptional skills and production capabilities.

Since that moment BD WORLDWIDE is an outstanding supplier and business partner in the Offshore oil and gas platforms that it has developed in the past years in the North Sea area and in the United States.

The past is there to speak about our present, but we also look forward to future, and we are always ready to build up new and exciting projects with our customers